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Why Magnolia? 

One of the first flowering trees of our planet, the Magnolia symbolizes perseverance, resilience, adaptability, diversity and dignity. It is a large and diverse genus, or family with over 200 different flowering plant species.

The Magnolia tree roots evolve horizontally, not vertically, are not wooden and invasive, but flexible, solid, always remaining close to the soil surface, ensuring the upright posture and poise of the tree.

Magnolia Private Office, a new trust and fiduciary company in Geneva, is dedicated to a philosophy of stability, continuity, and endurance to protect, preserve and enhance our clients’ wealth. Much like the tree’s strong, bonded petals, Magnolia’s integrated and experienced team works to provide high quality services, tailored to our clients’ specific long-term needs.

We nurture a long-term, inter-generational vision, adapting our solutions to a constantly evolving environment, while remaining true to our roots and values.

Our client’s success and peace of mind matter most to us.

Magnolia :  Roots, Resolve, Responsibility